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Thread: Since I've Seen Some Really Cliche Disses....

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    Default Since I've Seen Some Really Cliche Disses....

    I'mma show y'all what a GOOD diss is like. No bullshit or gun talk just straight jokes and punchlines.

    Why you reply god damnit dude
    How you gonna name yaself after daniel boone?
    I bet that's the reason that ya flows so choppy
    You a square not an octagon so you ain't gon' stop me

    If i walk on a trap door you couldn't even drop me pimpin'
    You look like starvin marvin mixed with scotty pippen
    All i need is ya pic to know that i can beat ya
    If you stood by a black wall i wouldn't see ya

    Three lil' piggys? Don't go there bud
    Cuz you look like chewbacca with a haircut
    He likes to lie, And say he's dope and shit
    I bet that's the reason why, His nose is big

    You callin' me fat, I give a fourth of a shit
    cuz ya hair looks like you used a fork as a pick
    You said shit about my nose when you tried dissin'
    You got more black heads than popeyes fried chicken

    You talk alot shit on the beat like you real or somethin'
    You black with yellow teeth lookin' like a steelers helmet
    Is it true? Does he like to ride men?
    Yeah he's the gay prodigy of dennis rodman

    now that i'm done with ya nose and hair mayne
    With different sized lips ya mouth looks like a stairway
    you sound far away when you try to rock b
    Cuz everytime he spits he needs about 20 pop screens

    It'll take alot to go before you try and play me
    Just cuz you got big lips don't mean you're jay-z
    will he get famous welll, Maybe
    Cuz you look like a young black patrick swayze

    call me crazy or maybe i'm blind
    But his face is the only thing that's gonna shine
    You think you're the shit? But you ain't shit of great
    And it looks like ya eyebrows were drawn windows paint

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    Default Re: Since I've Seen Some Really Cliche Disses....

    was ight man nice punchlines and shit keep it up i can see somethin

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    Default Re: Since I've Seen Some Really Cliche Disses....

    lmao "if you stood by a black wall we couldnt see you" nice diss this beat is fownky man,
    ... i really dig this joint prolly one of my favorites for the day of the cp world. the only thing i didnt like about the track was how hard some of thoose disses stung lol i felt bad 4 dude.
    and i cant really think of anything you need to improve on cuz it sounds like you got your own style! you should think about pursuing this diss rap'n further dude

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    Default Re: Since I've Seen Some Really Cliche Disses....

    this beat reminds me of another one, cant remember which one though, i've heard of falix before what probably one of the other rap boards in the world, im not feeling this one as much as your track why, it was ok, but it's hard to judge a diss if you don't know both parties you know
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