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    Please enjoy...I know I be stepping out the box but for any doubters please refer to the banner in my signature. All feedback (good or bad) is appreciated. Let's flood the airwaves this year!
    Get out that box.

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    sweet track bro, funky rhythm and sweet lyrical content

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    What up Rizzo? Digging this track you got here. The guitars are what really caught my attention. Digging that bass line, and the drums. I think you got mad talent. Sounds all original and you can't go wrong with originality. The sound quality isn't that good, but I like it that way. It has that grimey, dirty, basement feel to it, and I'm into sounds like that, although most people want shit crystal clear, I prefer the warmth of it sort of like analog versus digital. I prefer analog. Good work homie! and when you get a chance check out some of my stuff and let me know what you think. Peace!


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