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Thread: Real life!(cassius)

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    Default Real life!(cassius)

    My first track n a while beat by www. vybebeats . com

    mix is bad havent fucked with it yet

    drop links

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    Default Re: Real life!(cassius)

    your delievery is good, you got a real solid voice it stands out a bit more then we hear on cp usually, normally autotune is wack but this is good balance layering it like that was a good idea maybe it woulda been tighter if you only used it on a chorus or verses instead of both, round 1:04ish there was a little static though just so you know it was only a few seconds though, this is real good i gotta few vybe beats too they not bad but i like this shit keep it up bro
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    Default Re: Real life!(cassius)

    I think this was a great concept for a song. I expected good things just from the title and the song actually did deliver.ha
    You rode the beat perfectly, not once did you slip...and the autotune definitely enhanced the track, instead of taking away like it does for some. There was without a doubt, conviction, behind the words you said...your swag showed nicely on this one.
    It's not like you were coming with helly punchlines or something like that...but the lyrics you were spitting are real.

    The beat was nice as well...good track.

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    Default Re: Real life!(cassius)

    Thats The Ish...Love da Concept and that auto-tune sounded nice.
    Nice mix.

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    Default Re: Real life!(cassius)

    apreciate it homies..yea i knew teh static was there got mad shit to fix on that 1..vybe is a beast

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    Default Re: Real life!(cassius)

    THIS IS WONDEFULL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    9/10 if it was not b/c the bass at the start distorted my headset

    man ur deliverance was HOT!! u rode da beat like a pro + lyrics r also good!!

    we need more form u bro!! keep it up and im also a fan of the autotune!!! keep that mic up bro!!

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