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Thread: Pound Cake Remix- Zackaryah, Shane Cedrick, MEKO, Saranyu

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    Default Pound Cake Remix- Zackaryah, Shane Cedrick, MEKO, Saranyu

    We are all individual Artist working as a Team, it was my idea at the time to showcase what we have and what better timing then to remix it on Drake ft. Jay Z- Pound Cake. Enjoy.
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    Please & Thanks.
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    Default Re: Pound Cake Remix- Zackaryah, Shane Cedrick, MEKO, Saranyu

    lyrics and flow of the first guy are so fckn sick, fair play bruv, you're a fine rapper, keep doing ya thing, the beat is nice, video is even better. 2nd rapper got some sweet lyrics, smooth and laid back flow and the 3rd rapper got a nice quick fire flow, lyrics and delivery. 4th rapper is riding the beat like it's a skateboard haha smooth rolling, all in all you guys killed it! Everything is on point, this is a great tune! -peace

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