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Thread: Paperchase ft. YoungRich

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    another song off "The Lemon Kush Mixtape" I did this shit and sent it to Rich he hopped on and killed da shit. Shot out to YoungRich. Let me know wat yall think. Fuck wit me

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    I see whats wrong with yo vocals well i guess it, Do you use cool edit pro if so PM me dawg. But this is a nice song Rich went in. You was ok my dude the quality of your vocals was too bad to really enjoy yo verse, but i can see where you was going. Hit me up dawg

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    cmon people dont sleep on my man ova here hes puttin in work whens that lemon kush mixtape supposed to be droppin anyway

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    ay wats yo pm que and ima drop the mixtape in may rich. i got some mo shit i want u to get on when i get dat quality right. I aint a producer ima rapper so i really dont do mixing but ima learn it

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    Default Re: Paperchase ft. YoungRich


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    Default Re: Paperchase ft. YoungRich feelin that hook off tops....beat is nice...tha verses are nice
    only thing bad i can say is the quality but otha then that
    its a coo song cuzzo n did i say i was feelin that hook?
    good shit on that 1
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