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Thread: Old School (C. Rich & Tragik)

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    Default Old School (C. Rich & Tragik)

    Tragik = my cousin

    Tell me what you think of this track. What you liked and didnt like. Feed is much appreciated.
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    Default Re: Old School (C. Rich & Tragik)

    both flows are good homie

    lyrics cool

    but emotion/delivery just aint on dat...n yall be good 2 go

    stay up

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    Default Re: Old School (C. Rich & Tragik)

    Thanks for the feed man. I appreciate it.

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    Default Re: Old School (C. Rich & Tragik)


    How come I never get more than one person givin feed on this site?

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    Default Re: Old School (C. Rich & Tragik)

    Cause thats how that works here. Sometimes I get NONE!/ But this track is kool. Who's on vocals on the 2nd verse?? Sound diff. Them lyrics 2 clustered. To many words dropped consecutive and it's hard 2 actually make out wat he sayin. But yeah U right bout that Platinum shit. And it's good for some1 to tell ppl how they really feel about the industry instead of just goin 2 bed with it. Keep it poppin. 1 question? U on IMEEM? That Trajik? Get back 2 me if so.

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    Default Re: Old School (C. Rich & Tragik)

    Thanks for the feed. Anymore....?

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    Default Re: Old School (C. Rich & Tragik)

    *Good line -"a tribe called questions in my world of mine."

    *Too many damn rhyme schemes were going on. I knew it was three peeps rapping but it was about it would be about 20 secs of this person then 20 secs of the next and then and then...the rapping was about 2:30 mins or less. I think it would have been better if the track was longer so you all could have more time to spit.

    I liked the overall msg; I simply couldn't catch every line because of the myriad of rhyme schemes going on.

    Keep spitting.
    Much respect.
    Young Revolutionary.
    Know Allegiance

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    Default Re: Old School (C. Rich & Tragik)

    Thanks for the feed son. I appreciate it.

    But actually, there was only 2 of us spitting and the thing that we actually was goin for was just random switchin back and forth. The flow actually went like this.

    Me - 8 lines
    Him - 8 lines
    Me - 10 lines
    Him - 1 line
    Me - 1 line
    Him - 2 lines
    Me - 2 lines
    Him - 8 lines
    Me - 4 lines
    Him - 4 lines

    lol yeah it is kinda all over...

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    Default Re: Old School (C. Rich & Tragik)

    Ya'll just both have to work on riding the beat a lil bit...cuz there were points where it sounded like you were trying to fit extra words in, and it didn't mesh well with the rhythm. That and add a bit of emotion or energy, otherwise the vocals come off as kind of dull. Lyrics were good though.

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