I like a chick, but I'm dead confused
Am I living in a dream, or does she like me too?
Told her how I felt, Got good reviews
But alas, I've been outclassed by greater dudes
I feel like Othello, life is my Iago
Chance is Desdemona, watch it as it goes
A while back I asked her how she could be woo'd
Ain't got a clear answer, now i'm getting booed
Exit stage left with my heart and a bouquet
Wanted to get her flowers to see what she'd say
But alas, The rejection i face
knocks my heart off it's place, i don't want it to break
I'm already a ghost in her eyes
An intangible mist is what defines Clive
Example no. 1: I can't make conversation
Don't know her well enough to work off of observations
Example no 2: I'm the wackest of dudes
Making beats and watching anime is all that I do
And she's got the cutest of styles
And every once in a while, I'm graced with the cutest of smiles
Of which she gives to me
She's a dope combo of pretty and personality
Never had a chance, I'ma take the Mentos
Exchange the L for a seat in the friend-zone </3

Flowers x2 Exit stage left with the Flowers
Flowers x2 She loves me not says the Flowers