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    Haven't posted in a minute so decided to fill ya in with the upcoming tracks from my mixtape Rice & Beats coming soon.

    Drop The World:

    Spend The Night:

    Top So Lonely:

    Broken Reflection:

    The love will get shown back fo sho! Hope ya enjoy!
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    Drop the World was dope. Maybe turn your voice down a little bit.

    You killed Spend the Night...I was laughin at some of it like "Damn he's tellin it straight up."

    Top So Lonely was dope. You gon have to hook me up with that auto-tune. ;)

    Broken Reflection was deep son. Whats the story behind that shit?

    Overall you're dope son. I'd cop your mixtape fosho. Your lyrics and delivery are on point. Your flow is pretty good. Maybe off in very few places.

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    thank u man. As far as the tape, it'll be a free download online. But i'm getting copies printed to hand out for free as well. Yeah i need to work on my flow a bit but i got it down packed for the most part. Good looks on the feed, appreciate it.
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