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Thread: New Track! Valley of Deff(Feedback Returned)

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    Default New Track! Valley of Deff(Feedback Returned)

    what it do folks?
    ya boy got a new track..
    me on the beat and what nots... - Koop Da Ville - - Rap -

    its called Valley of Deff...tell me wut u think
    and all feedbacc returned ASAP

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    Default Re: New Track! Valley of Deff(Feedback Returned)

    word thats shit is is dope and the hook is on some gorilla shit.did u use a sample on that?shadow of death..i likes it you get an honest 8/10. keep up the good work.

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    Default Re: New Track! Valley of Deff(Feedback Returned)

    Feeling this...very hot. Tight flow and the beat is banging. Nice lyrics

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