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    Default my music

    im new to rap, been doing it for around a year and i really appreciate some feedback
    dont expect me to be crazy though
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    thank you

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    yeah dog, you on beat and all but it sound like your reading off the page, i do it all the time so i can tell, memorise them lyrics before you record, other than that it aint bad but you got some work, i havent been rapping for a long time neither maybe a year, your lyrics is alright too, sonds like you like pac? about 4 of his beats on there. anyway stay up and work hard son, 1
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    back again

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    Default Re: my music

    I take it pac is ur favorite rapper
    if so that's coo but it sound like u tryin to rap like him
    u gotta find ya own swag
    so ur flow is more original

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    Default Re: my music

    thank you for all your feedback and i'll take wat both of you said to help me improve

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