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    Some of you young bucks aint gonna be up on this 1...but the beat was done over some old 1970's Pink Floyd...a track called, 'MONEY'!

    Here it is, redone by yours truly...again, titled, 'MONEY'

    Feedback will be returned!! If you're on soundclick, add me, rate my song(s), and I'll repay the favor...

    I do it ALL! For the newer artist/producer, I can help you get where you wanna be (HOLLA)! For the vets, I can help you get the crisp, MASTERED sound you need...and I always got BEATS (even custom)...and for the GOOD emcees...I'm always down for collabs!

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    the intro sample is on point and the lyrics fit perfect, but in my opinion the "money" sample is kinda off unless thats how u wanted it.
    Other than that u put on for MI, good shit bro

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    the beat would be better without that money sample...those bells come in off beat on the not feeling your flow or your lyrics sorry...the mix doesn't sound too great's not eq'd right...i dunno im not feeling this track
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    decent not bad, i have some beats on my chek em out,


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