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Thread: LotsaSpoof - Run It Till I Die (ft Nemesis)

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    Icon8 LotsaSpoof - Run It Till I Die (ft Nemesis)

    So here is the full song, lemme know what ya think. Im on the first and third verse.
    Good solid feedback is appreciated! I been and am workin hard on improven.

    LimeLinx - Preview - Run It Till I Die (ft Nemesis).mp3

    Hook -
    Run It Till I Die, Run It run it Till I Die
    See the hunger and planted ambition all up in our eyes
    I Run It Till I Die, Run It run it Till I Die
    As long as were alive we gonna take it till the day we secide
    Run It Till I Die, Run It run it Till I Die
    Oh yeah, we the prophecy that the prophets had to prophesize
    I Run It Till I Die, Run It run it Till I Die
    Young rappers know our forthcoming so now its best to run n hide

    Verse 1:
    There are so many headeral, mother fuckin pedestals
    Not on one? your runnin from the federals
    Welcome to society where the poor man dreams
    While all the plastic people piss in gold built streams
    And if ya havnt noticed music is the same way
    Where all the fakes rise while dreamers dream the day
    Hopin for opportunity to demonstrate ability
    Showin this new age they are meant for nobility
    People like myself, and my man Nemesis
    Raise our middle fingers, fuck the fundamentalists
    Dog eat dog world, were dead in da middle
    Grindin hard everyday, spitten bars with a riddle
    So haters gonna hate, they just wannabe spoof
    When really they are lies and im the only trueth
    Tryna keep myself real in this world filled with lies
    Gonna run it till I die, dont matter what the size

    Verse 3:
    All better clear out, we about to smere doubt
    In the face of everyone, till the haters gear out
    Coz we aint taken any compromise
    To ruin our dreams in which hope occupies
    Yanno who we are, the new generation
    Goin out wit the old coz we the congregation
    The present n future, call us ganjanation
    Bringin in the new laws while the old go on vacation
    Since you already know how we like to roll
    How were top dogs while you watch us strut our stroll
    Better back off, kanck off, before we lay the smack off
    We angry ass bulls and your pissin in our trough
    Just ask the prophets with illuminating eyes
    Ones who see the future without mutilating lies
    Its our rebellion, bout to revolutionize
    Coz the rest of our lives we gonna run it till we die

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    Default Re: LotsaSpoof - Run It Till I Die (ft Nemesis)

    no download links next time please .. soundclick or at the very least youtube it
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