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Thread: Logic: Spit da Truth

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    a song I did for my album a while ago. real short, but real hiphop.

    Terrence (Logic)'s SoundClick page - main
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    got potencial. it sounds like your readin from your rhyme book, with these lyrics(which are good) need emotion.. feel that shit while your spittin it. quality needs a lil work. luv the beat, luv the lyric content

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    Thanx. I was actually readin from my book on that one. Im glad you said somthin though, cuz i thought it sounded a lil weird, but my ego told me to forget it. I'll put a lil more soul into it next time too. But i guess sometimes Im more concerned with getting the lyrics right instead of actually feeling it. Thanx for the input, i really mean that.

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