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Thread: (Leon House) I am influenced by Neil Young, The Beatles, Nirvana etc.

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    Default (Leon House) I am influenced by Neil Young, The Beatles, Nirvana etc.

    Just posting a song of mine to have you guys hopefully check out and comment. If you wish for me to check out your song just reply here and I will check out your song as long as you say something specific about my song. Thanks!

    Here is Temporary Insanity (an original song of mine):

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    Default Re: (Leon House) I am influenced by Neil Young, The Beatles, Nirvana etc.

    I honestly think this would have sounded better if it was recorded. Also the hook needs some revision, it just doesn't run smoothly. Keep working though because this is the beginning of what could be a great song. Let me also leave you with a key piece of advice.

    The key element most independent musicians leave out of writing songs is re-writing songs. Most hit records were written and then re-written multiple times to see if in fact everything was worthy of re-entering on paper. If you are re-writing a song you will see that the words with less power are harder to write again during this process. -- Madd Focus

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