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Thread: Just like Me - Homeyhill ft. Young Pretty

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    Default Just like Me - Homeyhill ft. Young Pretty

    i did da beat and wrote da hook and my verse !!!NO GHOSTWRITER NEEDED!!!!

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    Default Re: Just like Me - Homeyhill ft. Young Pretty

    Dude that beat is dope.
    The whole song is.
    I would of lowered the vocals down a bit.
    And that last verse is the best.

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    Default Re: Just like Me - Homeyhill ft. Young Pretty

    oh god htis ----- is singin and im mad u harmonizin wow..

    yeah ya vocals is loud tha beat is alright but this is yet another song with sub par lyrics sub par hook sayin basic shit i could shit on htis in my sleep but i mean this is a decent radio garbage like everythinge ls on radio

    i can hear my lil godson screaming this shit....tha second verse you talkin bout how good u are but u ant impressing me at suppose to make yourself sound like super star

    tha second verse toward d end got a lot better but i have already lost intrest its not htat bad hto ive herd a lot worst on her..turn ya vocals down i give this a 3 and next itme u wanna sy young dubb is garbage make sure your HOT and have ur diss track done cse like i said i eat eat eat emcees and i'll fuckin chew a hole in ur as

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