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    Hey CP fam,

    Im managing a new artist by the name of J'Demul. Here is the press release of his new song "Neighborhood Hoe".

    St. Louis emcee, J’Demul, release, “Neighborhood Hoe” the latest track to his highly anticipated “June” mixtape. Produced by Sun Sidran, J’Demul vividly tells the story about his relationship with a fast girl from his high school and the consequences that come with blasting her via Instagram. Honestly, it’s one of those tracks that will make you repeat the song time and time again. J’Demul’s next mixtape, June, drops November 15th.

    We would love to know what you guys think.

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    not bad, pretty sweet track. delivery on point with lyrics, storytelling constant and flow is consistent. beat is smooth. I like the chorus, it's pretty catchy. although, the lyrics are a let down for me, as I have never been keen on rappers saying, 'n*gga this, n*gga that,' it really annoys me because there's no need to keep saying that word or referring to people in that way when the word can be offensive, same thing annoys me when rappers swear in their raps, no need for it, just tells me their lack of character and lyrical ability, but that's just me. overall, not a bad track, average rate -peace

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