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Thread: InSaNe RhYmEs - life for me (prod by vherbal)

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    Default Re: InSaNe RhYmEs - life for me (prod by vherbal)

    this is really good. dig the beat and i like your voice. i wouldnt change anything.

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    Default Re: InSaNe RhYmEs - life for me (prod by vherbal)

    This is cool. I like ya style...real underground. It reminds me of Em too...but with you own style as well. AND OMG THAT BEAT IS ILLLLLLLLLL WHO MADE THAT BEAT??

    I dont know nothing about mixing an engineering so I can only give feed as an artist. Your delivery is good but on your hook I had some trouble understanding the words...try to pronounce ya words a LIL clearer. Someone above said something about delivering more passionate. I think this is cool though. Its a laid back beat...and even tho ya rhyme scheme is crazy you dont have to be SUPER passionate over every beat. Its a lax beat and your voice is lax...I think this is cool.

    Whats with that intro tho? Anyway....keep it up homie. I like this. Check out some of my joints when you get a chance...

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    Default Re: InSaNe RhYmEs - life for me (prod by vherbal)

    its just a thing with my area we all have really raw accents down here, the intro wasn't on the original beat the dude added it for some reason after I purchased (but considering I live next to the beach and its wave sound effects I left it there for the snippet at least)

    beat was by vherbal (of anno domini records) so props go to him

    thanks for all the feed, i'll try and work on the final mix more now lol

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    Default Re: InSaNe RhYmEs - life for me (prod by vherbal)

    Like UR voice man. UR delivery flows well. The beat is soft but I guess thats where U were going to. Over all, Nice job.

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    Default Re: InSaNe RhYmEs - life for me (prod by vherbal)

    insane killed it


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