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Thread: I'm Just A Man (off My Album)

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    Default I'm Just A Man (off My Album)

    I started recording 4 my album today
    this is one of the songs on there called I'm Just A Man...Lemme kno wat u guys think
    It ain't been mixed down or nuttin but it'll do 4 now
    a sneak preview of my'll be called Verbal Narcotics so I'll keep u updated

    you kno da deal
    I need feedback

    SoundClick song info: I'm Just A Man by YounGhetto - Song info page with free MP3 music downloads

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    Default Re: I'm Just A Man (off My Album)

    im kinda tired of the sped up lyric beats. this one aint bad tho. lyrically on point. nice delivery. you need to come up with a catchy hook for it... id like to hear more bro

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    Default Re: I'm Just A Man (off My Album)

    im not feelin da sample or da claps

    i think you should do some more recording before you decide this is an album track...i been recordin my album for almost 4 years its a process to get it just right believe u u gonna be at it for a minute so stand strong

    im feelin your flow you kinda remind me of cassidy type you make good music i could see myself downloadin ya album if u upped it

    im not feelin this beat at all tho da sample can do more i mean tha im jus a man is annoyin after a while they should add another kinda sample or u should have done more on da hook

    i liked da break down in da middle its hot after u talked about walkin it out by tha way da walk it out punchlines are played nobody wants to hear em no more everybody has one..i guess i can't be mad, that was yours

    this is a good track overall wouldn't hurt your album but a lot of people sick of tha sped up and chopped and screwed vocals..but still good shit man

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    Default Re: I'm Just A Man (off My Album)

    damn i hate them chipmunk samples, lyrics is tight, im not really feelin the pauses, kinda annoyin, for real lyrics is there but ya need a differant beat.
    "come sit, sip from my holey water/ fresh dripped, from the veins of the innocents ive had to slaughter/ imagine the voice of a daughter, begging for the life of a father/ decided ta let him live turned and shot her"
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    Default Re: I'm Just A Man (off My Album)

    iono fam'ron this shit aight i still fux wit that high pitch sample shit keep doin u if its what u do nahmean thats what i say beat type slick bars intact

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    Default Re: I'm Just A Man (off My Album)

    i like the flow music is club friendly 3 and a half starz

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    Default Re: I'm Just A Man (off My Album)

    who the beat fell off for me when your "drums" came i shit sounds mad random

    quality is nice, flow n delivery are on point

    your voice is diiiirty

    other than the beat this is hot

    nice shit
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    Default Re: I'm Just A Man (off My Album)

    Nice beat, keep it up yo

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    Default Re: I'm Just A Man (off My Album)

    da beat wud be crazyif it was like 3 years ago ita just aight use a different snare but ya lyrics made da track sound better

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