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    Dominance from 2 parts of the same general region of the planet doe... A fuse of original Hip Hop, throwback flows, and soul music... yeah.. our good.. Where Yung Eff at doe? Please come hate on this for please much appreciated

    if you diggin the tunes you can download the tape for free at Bandcamp

    Comments and feedback welcome!!! holla at us on facebook and twitter

    Also featured on Boonie Mayfield's recently released album which you can purchase on iTunes or for free from his website

    iStayJammin and Plaqueman

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    This is real nice, I like the cheeky lyrics, smooth and constant flow with no slip off points, str8 spitting, enjoyed listening to this it had me vibing to the atmosphere, overall, this was a great listen! keep it up -peace

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    Thanks bro... we appreciate the feedback..... Dilla is one of our favorite all time producer's and we simply wanted to do his beats justice..

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    Well you certainly did that! Great song! -peace

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    Good looking out the feedback my dude...much appreciated

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    no worries, please return the feed on my new track on here 'be water my friend' -peace

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    Yo this is fresh as fuck...reminds of some bizarre ride ii the pharcyde, and that ain't a bad thing at all. Keep it up!

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    @branimal your actually not the first person to tell us that haha But that's what's up doe as bizarre ride is def in my top 15 albums fosho

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    The song was good I like what I heard from the lyricist here. The hook was my favorite part of the song and it was not over done. I think it is worth a share and a listen I will let all of my friends know to check you out.

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    @Dirtyscopebeatz Word up thanks man I'm glad you like that Jones pass the tape around to whoever you think may enjoy it doe


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