everybody why dont yall battle him....hes a wanksta hidin behind his screen thats how i look at this *****...this is jus rap he actin like this is life or death...every day its somethin wit him its real old to me...im grown i dont have tha time to keep doing this with him...why should i battle him

for yall enjoyment? if thats tha case yall strap up and battle him im not nobody puppet and willie can keep on pulling my strings over this computer cause he says im not real enough or whateva i stopped readin his shit cause now im to da point either we gonna do music or we gonna beef

if we gonna beef 203 981 1520 call me thats how we gonna beef we can meet up and scrap...and i dont care if u dont fight girls i fight girls guyz what *****s like u pop off too much at tha mouth and u think cause im a female it gives u da right to call me emotional and act like king james...but u no what fuck u willie thats all i can really say to u canse ur in love with this internet message shit when all u have to do is email me...call me aim me get at me personal stop bein a bitch hidin behind cp

every post u write u try to make me look stupid or less then u and with every post u post u prove my point of u being silly eggin shit on that was never there then flippin it like im botherin u

all u do is talk bout shit that doesn't matter...jus get tha point tha less u say to me tha less u hear from me i dont care bout u *****