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    Default I Get HIGh

    Lyrics - I Get High

    I get High on your verbal comments
    so right know everything you say to me is stright non sences
    I have this verse resting on my conquest
    but how I fell righgt know I put it all in your mom chest
    im telling the truth ----- sneeze say god bless
    dont be ashamed that im putting your ass to rest
    I take one of you lines and truns it to a bloodly mess
    then put it on papper and send it to the press
    So check it the words I say are so reckless
    my lyrics so cold that I place it on my neckless
    then I take it off place it round my fist and go hectic
    and bet ya that you would come in the N.O to check me

    You just a little wanna be
    mix yo shit with other -----s to sound hot on a beat
    cause that recent shit was weak
    sound like you was under the cover play with michals on the sheets
    you think you the king of beef,
    im a big dog so I dont play with meat
    you want to end it well ima be the last to speak
    get in my car and drive to where eva you bee
    in comeing single handed so I hope you ready
    and when we get face to face , dont act scary
    if so I guess you is a little tailfairy
    so how you liked your hailmary

    I Get High On This Beef.mp3 - DivShare

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    Default Re: I Get HIGh

    I can hear a lot of background static and hum. This one wasn't as good as some of your others lately. Like your flowing was weak, like you didn't know what you were gonna say or you were afraid of the mic.

    First thing you want to do to have hotter songs, is write hot lyrics. Second is spit with some energy and emotion. 3rd is get a better mic and see about some kind of sound proofing. 4th is learn about mixing i.e. compression, eq, limiting, reverb etc.

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    Default Re: I Get HIGh

    this would be a hot idea if you woulda came through on it, def lackin emotion and at some times you were a little slow a tad off beat if you ever heard the original its a bit faster, this was kinda borin cause it was so monotone soundin def take woods advice and work on it bro...
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    Default Re: I Get HIGh

    Need say no more.

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    Default Re: I Get HIGh

    lmao i read tha replies and knew it was shit i hope u are done now

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    Default Re: I Get HIGh

    I may have been wrong about you, hmmm. You can't B all dat bad if U did this. Sista look well proportioned don't she fellas? JK. But yeah Like da playful side to you.

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