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Thread: Hey Mama (Feat. Ari-L)

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    Icon2 Hey Mama (Feat. Ari-L)

    Song : Hey Mama (Feat. Ari-L)
    Artist : Clipsmoke
    Album: Open Head Surgery (LP)
    Produced By : Clipsmoke


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    viewed 3 seperate times and no reply LMAO..i comment on most of ya shit...b equal and comment

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    Im loving the beat; loving the shakes. Sounds Timbaland-ish. I think the lyrics and the instrumental compliment each other. I like how you did your arrangements.

    The only thing that I would critique is the "hey mama" parts (:52); it kinda sounded a little bit dry, like something was missing when the person sang it. I thought it need to be more hype when the person sang it because the raping was really hype and fast pace, but when the phrase "hey mama" came the hype kinda went down a little bit. But that's my opinion though. All in all the song was good; I liked the vibe of the song. Keep it up!

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    ^^thanks for the input my dude.

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    Damnit I was trying to check this out but my computer broke I'll try again later

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    lol sorry bout ur pc...u cant hear the beautiful music wit out it haha


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