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Thread: Heart of The City by Young Ghats

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    Default Heart of The City by Young Ghats


    Now If you check ma other drops you may see that I put that Im part pf a crew called the Get Em Boyz....YOU NEED TO KNOW THE HISTORY BEFORE LISTENING TO THIS TRACK OTHERWISE YOU WONT GET THE FULL MEANING OF IT

    Now most (if not all) of you heard of Jersey City Rappers Joe Budden and Ransom (of ((formerly)) A-Team) what you dont know is that MOST (meaninng everybody except for me) of the people in the Get Em Boyz crew know them...this track is by the main rapper of the group named Young Ghats...he went to high school wit buddens and knows him yadda yadda...a few months ago Ghats and Joe buddens was beefin...this track is him talkin to Joey and Ran about the city's Hip-Hop scene (which is pretty much non exsistant to the outside world)....and mainly because Ransom diss the shit outta buddens (dont ask 4 dat track cuz i dont have it) and joey put out a track in responce (dont have that either) but anyway this track hit home for me so I want feedback I need you to pay attention because I think we might have a good chance of makin it out of this city...anyway I think Ghats was also briefly beefin with Ransom but doesnt mention it in the track...this song is directed to them BUT IS NOT A DISS RECORD....okay...and dont think we tryna gain attention from them cuz they are known outside the city...cause we know these -----s....but anyway here it is

    Heart of The City-Young Ghats of Get Em Boyz - YOUNG GHATS (GET EM BOYZ) - JERSEY CITY, New Jersey - Hip Hop / R&B -

    so you know...Ima also post my crews music as well as my own up here so get used to the names
    the following is the Get Em Boyz:
    Young Ghats
    Freak Ric//Guapo Loco//Rico (LOL I DONT KNOW WICH 1 HE GOES BY)
    and me YounGhetto

    DJ Quickdraw (believe it or not he Produced the I Get Money Beat 4 50 Cent....I heard da beat be4 50 and i knew he submitted it to Apex Productions when Scott Boogey was claimin the beat)
    Kaah-M.I.D.I. aKa Fiyaman
    and me YounGhetto (yeah I produce too lol)

    there those are the main -----s you see wit Get Em Boyz
    we also got behinde the scenes -----s too (A&Rs Street Team and other shit)
    anyway enjoy
    WOULD LOVE FEEDBACK nd sorry 4 all that readin you had 2 do b4 listenin 2 da track

    More music from me comin soon
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    Default Re: Heart of The City by Young Ghats

    umm so i read ya blurb and i don't really care bout none of that i just care bout tha music...and so this aint you rappin? so why do you really care what we think of it? this is ya boy in ya crew like? im confused but he has a good flow so let me get this straight

    ya boyz was beefin wit joe budden and now they jus makin music about jersey ion no im kinda confused and i don't really care cause im from Connect I Cut so well umm yeah

    my boy lanski did betta on dat beat if u ask me and his flow as on point soundin a lil drunk tho lol i liked it for da most part it wasn't long enough to really say much u said more in ya blurb then he did on da song but yeah holla at cha girl it was aii but where is ya shit?

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    Default Re: Heart of The City by Young Ghats

    im feelin the message and ya boy..some wild shit wit buddens and all that..never was a fan of ransom tho no frontin. you need to get at me for some beats. Dollars aint a thing i'll bless you.

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    Default Re: Heart of The City by Young Ghats

    heard this on hip hop game

    i thought he should of stayed out of it, wasnt his spot to say nothing

    track was alright though
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