GUARANTEED! Way To Get Talent Points for EVERY* Reply You Do in this Forum.

Okay... some people have been posting in the Official Talent Points Help Thread, saying they've been replying to threads but not been getting points. The reason why, is because their replies simply do not have the required number of characters to get the points.

Examples of BAD Replies (get you 0 points)
real nice
real fly shit i love it
these two go good together
good job
What is the problem?
They don't provide REAL feedback, which will help the artist, producer, dj, or graphic artist improve.

Examples of GOOD Replies (you get points)
Beats pretty good, sounds like somethin i would be listenin to at the menu of Tetris(which is the shiz by the way) hehe. Kicks are pretty fresh, you should add some bass to it and mess around w/ your synths to see if you could catch a better vibe. All in all, it's got potential.
I don't think the drum arrangement fits with the synths. Both are pretty hot seperately but together they don't really mesh. Also it sounds like it could use more...some bass, a guitar, I don't know that's all up to you but it sounds unfinished.
yeah this is a nice song bro
im feelin dat beat and that hook the most
the verse was hard too bro
keep it up
Why they got points?
They provided REAL feedback, they said what they liked and/or what they didn't like and/or what they could do to improve it.

So... How are you guaranteed to get talent points for every* reply you do in this forum?

By proving real feedback, by saying the following:
  • What you liked.
  • What you didn't like.
  • How they can improve.
  • anything else relevant to the post.

That should guarantee you get at least 1 point, if not 2!


* You are only credited points for the first reply you do in the thread.