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Thread: Freestyler(a.k.a Yanal) - Hyacinth "better without you"

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    Default Freestyler(a.k.a Yanal) - Hyacinth "better without you"

    i wrote it first as a poem,but i thought it would sound good on a rap beat
    spittin poetry on a jedi mind tricks "evanescense bring me to life" rap beat


    They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder
    But I think beauty is in your eyes

    My thoughts storming like bullets out of a revolver
    I canít believe that it was all lies

    Our relationship resembles a solo dance
    You, a maroon rose with a wonderful fragrance

    Your thorns stabbing me all the way in the chest
    Bleeding delightfully, intoxicated of your kiss

    You were the breath I take
    The first thought on my mind when I awake

    My dreams at night in the unconscious world
    The warmth when I was feeling cold

    When you hit me it didnít hurt
    But without hitting, you tear me apart like Hulk Hoganís shirt

    Cheating on me, like weíre playing poker
    But your game didnít turn on me; I was the Joker

    Love is blind, to stay by your side
    I lost everything, everyone
    Then I started to lose my mind

    Feeling empty from the inside
    Is there anything, anyone
    That would stop me from leaving you behind?

    I gave you the key to my heart, but youíve left it sealed
    Now youíre all over me, thinking that my wounds are healed

    I changed the lock; youíre not allowed to enter
    Your warmth is gone; Iím as cold as the winter

    Took you all this time to realize how I feel
    You want to get back coz you found out my love was real

    Thereís no going back, its too late
    Donít even matter if there's things left unsaid

    Or that even if my love turned to hate
    because to me you exist in the world of the dead

    i hope y'all like it
    Last edited by freestyler; 13-11-2007 at 5:56 PM.
    When I take a break I'm Micheal Schofield
    Rap mathematics, algebrically closed field - Freestyler

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    Default Re: Freestyler(a.k.a Yanal) - Hyacinth "better without you"

    first... u should get a soundclick account so you can jus post your song right here on the site...
    but neway, your track...
    the beat is fuckin sick... luvin it...
    i like the rhymesheme half bar catch up type shit...
    the echo is turnin me off...
    but the lyrics is deep...
    on a real tip, enjoyin it...
    you shoulda done suttin for a hook...
    woulda been a good poem...
    shoulda posted ya lyrics...
    stay up fammo...
    and stay active...

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    Elite DJ Djreko's Avatar
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    12 Nov 2007

    Default Re: Freestyler(a.k.a Yanal) - Hyacinth "better without you"

    dude.. its great... now rap it :D
    <---Dj Reko On Da Mix--->

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    Default Re: Freestyler(a.k.a Yanal) - Hyacinth "better without you"

    Crazy nice beat
    shit was fire
    your flo was pretty nice too
    definitly liked it fam
    stay up

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    Registered User AGMJ's Avatar
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    05 Feb 2008
    Panama City, Panama

    Default Re: Freestyler(a.k.a Yanal) - Hyacinth "better without you"

    ohh man looks like the file is down, plz fix it!!!
    im ancious 2 get a listen 2 it

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    Default Re: Freestyler(a.k.a Yanal) - Hyacinth "better without you"

    yeah file is down
    The BeatBox
    Learning Tree Ink

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    Registered User al_capone's Avatar
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    07 Aug 2006
    London, United Kingdom, United Kingdom

    Default Re: Freestyler(a.k.a Yanal) - Hyacinth "better without you"

    its kool

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    Registered User Mr.Swinkle's Avatar
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    16 Jan 2008

    Default Re: Freestyler(a.k.a Yanal) - Hyacinth "better without you"

    I see you still at it. Werent you on once upon time.

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    Gold Seller Visible's Avatar
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    10 Nov 2006
    detroit, mi (tha 313)

    Default Re: Freestyler(a.k.a Yanal) - Hyacinth "better without you"

    Please re-up the track.
    Young Revolutionary.
    Know Allegiance


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