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Thread: Flashing Lights Remix Feat. Colin Munroe

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    old song but umm okay...its ok

    shit is garbage...I hope this wasnt the best dude on the site.
    you just dont have the voice to me...I mean your flow doesnt hit hard enough
    its like you lazy speaking or something. Your overall voice is just not appealing.
    Honestly you could have said some good stuff but I didnt give it a shot because
    you have an incredibly lame vocal tone. Just being truthful homie

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    Default Re: Flashing Lights Remix Feat. Colin Munroe

    hof dis is some fire shit
    keep it up bra

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    Default Re: Flashing Lights Remix Feat. Colin Munroe

    lol i smell a hater....especially since u responded twice...but if thats how u feel then kudos to u
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