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    whats good people...the new mic heist album is on its way, and this is the official on the beats and my boy free-b is on the mic...we are talkin to a few different labels right now such as def jam and babygrande, but just check it out and drop some feedback, thanks

    its the first song up there, "Go to War"

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    ok, sry dont mean 2 be an ass. but watch out 4 ef, she'll kill ya for not having 3 replies b4 posting. But anyways, u remeind me of my boy eastwiq very simular voice, mayb not style but pritty much same voice, this is hot, dats kool u talking 2 def jam and shit, its good, yo we should hook up and do a colabo or somethin' shit would b crazy. Check out "2 new tracks" in da audio section, or goto My Soundclick Page and let me no wat u think, if u want 2 colabo, let me no and we can get something done, halla bak '1'

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    yea...i make the beats, but my boy raps on the album....thanks for the feedback...yea ur shit is dope, im mad busy cuz we're finishing up the album but ill definetly get at u...just get some other people to hear this cuz we need to kno if people are feelin us or not...but thanks for ur time, peace

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    yall ok

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    ya beats is hot.......that gudda joint bangs hard..the emcee you got on it killed that shit.......what up you sell beats?


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