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    Check this out. My name's Chuck D of Never Enough Ent. - we (Tha Problemadix) have a new mixtape finished, still in the wrapping up and planning the release phase. I used to cruise these CP pages probably 5 - 10 years ago and came back to check thing's out. Here's a song off the new mixtape coming soon. This is the first link to this yet-to-be-exposed song lol Enjoy!

    Chuck D
    "Here to Stay"

    From Tha Problemadix mixtape
    "Just Don't Do Anything Crazy"
    Coming Soon


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    Tonido WebShare was unable to find the page you are looking for.
    This could be due to a number of reasons:

    The share does not exist
    The share might have been removed
    The share might have expired
    There was an internal error

    A working link would B helpful...


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