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Thread: dj Howlz - Lose Yourself

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    Dj Howlz Iz A member of the clase mafia who mixes rap and techno rave together in this eminem mix which is going to be on the upcomin game of death records eminem dedication mixtape.A 14 Year old dj who is new to the game,his debut album was released last week in clase which is called "rising up" pm me if want

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    wtf? Dogg post this in blends/remix's. Wrong section. Some1 plz move it. But I'll review it real quick. Very differnt. 5Techno dogg? lol. Its ok. Most of its on beat. Prolly wouldnt hear it played in a club, buts its iight. A few touch ups hear and there, a lil louder on da vocals. and u'll b alset and will b a lil betta, sry just not my type of music. but good work. '1'


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