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Thread: Clipsmoke - My -----z (Feat. Red Eye Crew)

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    Icon4 Clipsmoke - My -----z (Feat. Red Eye Crew)

    Im not a fan of a bunch of different people rapping on the same track, but i found this session and mixed it down n added a fire ass hook....shit is crazy, feel free to comment on beat and all dat. before you even get into it just know who them peoples are...

    1st. Clipsmoke
    2nd. Rozay Rich
    3rd. O Boy
    4th. Sportz
    5th Novakaine
    6th Wise LOS
    7th Insane

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    Default Re: Clipsmoke - My -----z (Feat. Red Eye Crew)

    Link ain't workin

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    Default Re: Clipsmoke - My -----z (Feat. Red Eye Crew)

    This is what I assume the song you were trying to post is;
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    Default Re: Clipsmoke - My -----z (Feat. Red Eye Crew)

    [nomedia=""]YouTube - Louie V. - If Its Over - Prod. by De-god[/nomedia]


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