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Thread: Class In Session Feat. Insane

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    Icon2 Class In Session Feat. Insane

    Artist: Clipsmoke Featuring. Insane
    Album: After The Fire
    Song: Class In Session (Prod. By Clipsmoke)

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    yo i need that feedback.

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    Default Re: Class In Session Feat. Insane

    u was betta then ya home boi
    it was nice and what not

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    beat was so/so sounded so familiar to another beat i done heard b4

    quality was nice
    hook aite, not tha best..but not tha worst...

    flow was good, lyrics aite, emotion cool for tha track....

    ur homie wasnet that good....flow was shakey a bit, lyrics solid..emotion wasnet all that good to me

    solid drop here
    yall -----s stay up manye

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    you have a dope flow on this....not a big fan of the hook but lyric wise you killed this shit....ya boy didn't seem to confident about his verse...right around the part when he said tru lies....beyond that it was cool...."class in session".....nice

    Check out my track Star Bright, Star Light
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    Default Re: Class In Session Feat. Insane

    yeah im feelin it beats nice too, the hook made me smile, insane was hot too i give this track
    8/10 cuz i wasnt feelin the lyrics but thats personal taste kiu yeah

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    this beat is hot
    the flow is good also

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    Default Re: Class In Session Feat. Insane

    diggin da beat..decent hook..
    good voice and lyrics bruh..
    insane went aite but i think your verse was a tad better

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    Before I go in on the feed let me just say this......this track would have been slightly better if ya boy wasn't on this. Not tryna hate or be mean or whatever but his verse doesn't live up to his name. He made you look better than my first impression of you was lol. But in all honesty...let me hit you with feed. The beat is dope...a lil repeatitive(i cant spell) and I wish you woulda did more with it but nontheless its cool. Id rap over it, its cool. The concept behind song is cool too, I like the idea, I just personally think you took it in a direction almost any other artist would have took it in, which hurts the song. Your voice is dope though....I like your mic presence and your sound official and not like your scared of the mic...somethin that took me a while lol. Lyrically your not bad but you can def do something more creative. I'll give you the benifit of the doubt because I am @ work and not paying 100% attention but nothing I caught really made me go "OOH SHIT this is dope" It was pretty average. The hook was okay as well....everything about this song was just OKAY...except your feature, which wasn't.

    Overall its a cool joint...I'd listen to it a few times (except the last verse) and its better than most of the stuff that is on this site. But it can also be improved. Just my 2-cents. Hope you keep @ it though...I think you can make some bangers. Keep doing you...check out my joints when you get the chance...peace
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