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Thread: Cincinnati Rap - Unsigned Rapper - XCLU - Stuck On 100

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    Default Cincinnati Rap - Unsigned Rapper - XCLU - Stuck On 100

    Xclu has finally released the long awaited single of his upcoming debut album “Take Me Serious”.
    The new single “Stuck On 100” is a hard hitting street anthem depicting the emotions of keeping it
    real in today's society, which is filled with fakers, haters, and lames. Cincinnati, Ohio has long awaited
    a rap artist that can get them on the map, and Xclu is definitely the man for the job.

    If you would like to work with XCLU here is his contact email.


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    Default Re: Cincinnati Rap - Unsigned Rapper - XCLU - Stuck On 100

    In my honest opinion, this track to me was average, only due to the rapper and his flat style. The hook annoys me, the rapper is plain and the lack of emotion really kills the atmosphere for me. I mean the rappers flow is okay mostly, he's on-point with delivery, lyrics are pretty dope too but there's no meaningful substance for me. I like deep poetry not egotistical bars. Just seems like this rapper is showing off and gloating about his gains, which I can't stand. Rapper is far too boring and repetitive.

    The instrumental itself is nice, real smooth production, I wish I could of heard it more and appreciated it more without an annoying vocal presence to ruin it. Overall, great beat, but crap vocalist -peace

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    Default Re: Cincinnati Rap - Unsigned Rapper - XCLU - Stuck On 100

    It is what is It's a basic mixtape track he flows nice has some ok punches talking about money He can rap well the beat is good what can you say good track I will forget it when I turn it off though as it' sounds like what's there nothing to seperate from other good tracks

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    Default Re: Cincinnati Rap - Unsigned Rapper - XCLU - Stuck On 100

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    Default Re: Cincinnati Rap - Unsigned Rapper - XCLU - Stuck On 100

    The hook is annoying as fuck. anybody who mentions Diddy in a verse needs to go back to school. just sayn. I like the beat tho. synth is sick in the back ground would liked to see the rapper use it during his delivery. oh well.

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