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Thread: Check out my new song (Its about the lyrics)

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    Icon4 Check out my new song (Its about the lyrics)

    My new song. Like all the ones I post, it's not a finshed product.
    I know in some places its a little rough, but it's about the lyrics

    We're All Witnesses by Abductee on SoundCloud - Create, record and share your sounds for free

    In case you can't understand me, here's the lyrics, but listen to song too.

    it's fucked up isn't it?
    we can't even go about our buis-i-ness,
    without bein censored by the government,
    we're all witnesses, we gotta put an end to this,

    were all witnesses, the charade is useless,
    they say its for our own good, but no proof of this,
    its strange that the freedom to express has regressed,
    ever since we gave ourselves to the government,

    but if youre with me you can rise against,
    they say its for our own good, but were not convinced,
    its time for a rebellion, of the majority,
    seize back control from this fucked up authority,

    trigger happy cops, and money hungry senators,
    were all witnesses, we must put an end to this,
    mister president, we cant hear you,
    youre power crazy, but we're not gonna fear you,

    hear me now, as i speak these phrases,
    under a black president, the authoritys still racist,
    but we wont stand for this we must fight,
    so mama dont cry if i dont come home tonight,'

    (verse 2)
    its endless, all the troubles that we've gone through,
    its senseless, that were still fighting useless wars too,
    im afraid that a one world government is coming,
    and if that happens then theres no where to run,

    its crazy, the authority's so shady,
    can we escape this, not the way were slacking lately,
    we must face this, we have a right to fight,
    so lets make things right tonight,

    and well start with, down with the white house,
    down with the town hall, down with the government,
    they abused when they had it all,
    now we must fight this, now we must rise up,
    and take control, change the face of this fucked up.

    freedom in this country is anything but,
    control, what you can grow, who you can love,
    and that scary part is they KNOW, that its fucked up,
    and thats why the authority is so damn corrupt,

    (verse 3)
    and the candidtates to take over the job,
    are likley to get this country fucked and bombed,
    and biblically speaking armageddons coming,
    these have to be the end times if theres really such thing,

    and while peacful protesters are beaten and maced,
    we have to let them all know that we will not take,
    this laying down, we will rise up and fight,
    and this will be the fight of our life,

    and we must, teach the kids to fight,
    yeah you got that right, we need every able body to endure the fight,
    and the let this currupt government know,
    they have the power, but not the control,

    and we must fight this, let em know we dont like this,
    and tell em one human life is, more valubale than any amount of oil.....

    this is the time,
    the time that we must stand up,
    as a nation, and as a people,
    to tell these corrupt, moneygrubbign politicians,
    that this is not our america, this is not our fathers america,
    this is not the embodyment of the american dream,
    and we must shout it from every rooftop,
    we must riot, me must rebel, but in an organized way,
    and show up these idiots who run our once great country,
    and this is how things are going to change,
    we will not be slaves to your laws,
    we will not succumb or bend to fit your worthless agenda,
    and we will fight this, till our last breath,
    this is my america!!!!!!

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    Default Re: Check out my new song (Its about the lyrics)

    Purely lyrical id give ya 7/10 I agree completely with the lyrics but there are time when the tempo of the lyrics is off a little but its still a good far as the recording you should look up some mics i have a Blue Yeti i got for 100 bucks... Good luck getting this song done and be sur eto let me knwo when it is

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    Default Re: Check out my new song (Its about the lyrics)

    dude the message in your song is great, but your flow, is very scattered , I hold nothing against you for your mic (although you might want to invest in a new one if you're taking music seriously) but good job man keep working at it and you'll get better . 5/10
    Follow me @BandanaSplit

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