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Thread: BluEyesOne in Studio Recording who needs a Hook!

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    Default BluEyesOne in Studio Recording who needs a Hook!

    Here's a new track I just dropped! Let me know what you think!

    Check Out The Studio Video On YOUTUBE [nomedia=""]YouTube- Who Needs A Hook[/nomedia]

    Lyrics Below

    This that real ruggid street trusted piss in public, watch me bust it, your momma taught you not to trust it, you so dusted busted crusted Im disgusted, they even let you run it with them rhymes half fronted, Im more than fat Im extra tonage with the tonguage get buried in the dirt rock and rubble talking rubbish, Im built to punish rock and rumble in a skirmish, you actin wormish I can fingerpoint your purpose write it off as worthless watch me while I work this, microphone assertiveness man you never heard of this, west coast murderous my rhyme style services, cats go bananas chicks berserk its a circus, burn you like a furnace keep it hot like a thermos, when our words get intangled you get mangled by my verbiage, who needs a hook when you hookin em with verses, pass me the mic call the nurses then the hurses, book the churches well need funeral services, protagonist every rapper is my nemesis, arch enemies I wanna battle bring me ten of these, watch em beat feet like centipedes when I render these, hardcore philosophies verbalized velocity, fly heads from here to matzalan where the casa be, slap cats from here to Amsterdam where the chronic be, press a few thousand sell the rest electronically, you aint built to rock with me, back off my topography, I slang london property play real life monopoly, never come sloppily, the 64 is hoppin G, the police clockin me but spike strips aint stoppin me,
    .....Is it possibly? the greatest metaphorical, lyrical, don answer that, questions rhetorical, you know the steelo,
    push the real for my people, kickin like a steven segal sequel in the circle, punchlines hurt you, your homies scatter then desert you, patience is a virtue and Im here to slowly work you, curtains closed Im known to blow the spot in bose, knock the snot up out your nose and splatter blood across your clothes, with my filthy flows, Ive been creepin on the low, keepin on the up and up while you crawlin on the floor like the snake you are, really smash your fake video car, Im really a star man you just arsenio hall, and thats the way it is, you can fake your way into this biz, foolin little kids, like you lickin shots and doin bids, when the truth is, you aint half ruthless and ya looseness, got you bottled up in gin and juices with excuses,
    Got you bottomed out tryin to dig up out ya foolishness, dudes went to college but the street is where my schoolin is, dudes steady hatin deep inside they know how cool this is, at this very moment got you stuck like now who is this, google search it youtube blueyes one just murdered it, find a way to illegally download and start burnin it,.. Im turnin it into a slugfest tournament, dirty.. filth of the firmament I rock permanent, Period! Im not looking for your props kid, Ive had those Im lookin for the million dollar option, to drop it burnin the spot like narcs raided it, not a single expletive and yet they x rated it!

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    Default Re: BluEyesOne in Studio Recording who needs a Hook!

    i edited your post to fix your link .. it was messed up with an extra http://
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    Default Re: BluEyesOne in Studio Recording who needs a Hook!

    Thank you! Much Appreciated!

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    Default Re: BluEyesOne in Studio Recording who needs a Hook!

    Track is good you remind me of Cypress Hill...which is a good thing IMO. Wish I had that set up you're sitting in front of!!!

    Hottest s*** you said
    I slang london property play real life monopoly (s*** CRAZY)

    I like rainy days..because not only is my day messed up... so is everyone elses!

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    Default Re: BluEyesOne in Studio Recording who needs a Hook!

    No Doubt! Good Lookin on the Comment....

    Check out my New MIXTAPE Produced By Clinton Place 9



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