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Thread: Bilshot - Lost My Mind (UK TripHop / Rap)

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    Default Bilshot - Lost My Mind (UK TripHop / Rap)

    Okay peoples, this is sumin' different to what ya'll are used to hearing so I'm guessing this listen is either gonna hit hard with a few heads or not vibe with others.. I'm spitting in an aggressive but lyrical manner attacking all the fakes and my enemies that I've faced.. This is a completely different sound right here, but what me and my boyz back home like to call that 'real,dirty,underground shiiit' This track is produced, written & rapped by myself and its a mix of genres, basically 'Trip-Hop' and 'UK Rap' so please listen and hit me with some constructive feedback:


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    Default Re: Bilshot - Lost My Mind (UK TripHop / Rap)

    **uppin for feed**

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    The beat is pretty dope, Lyrics aren't bad. not really my style but i dig it.. I like the whole topic but i think the beats throwing me off. Im more into 90's NYC hip-hop and beats. But I would definitely be down for a collab if you wanna sed me something. check me out WhatThePhuckRecords's Channel - YouTube and hit me up if you like. I've been trying to link up and broading my style as well as
    fanbase. ONE LOVE!!!!!!

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    Cheers for the feed bro. I'm up 4 collaborating with you. I've subscribed to you on youtube, check my channel out too -peace

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    Default Re: Bilshot - Lost My Mind (UK TripHop / Rap)

    that beat is sick!! lyrics are dope... original flow and voice... vibin....

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    Default Re: Bilshot - Lost My Mind (UK TripHop / Rap)

    i like anything out the box...i see u were very comfortable with the groove cuz u rode that nice and stayed on point...i dont like u saying "slap a capricorn" being that i am one ....seriously ur rapid fire flow is dope...only thing i personally would of like to hear would be maybe a double up every now and then.holla.
    Get out that box.

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    Hey love it, all goes well together. Beat and all.

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