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Thread: Bilshot - How Do You Like Me Now?

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    Default Bilshot - How Do You Like Me Now?

    My new song...

    Bilshot - How Do You Like Me Now?
    Written and performed by myself - Bilshot. Produced by Jay Slick.

    >>Enjoy. Please Drop FEED<<

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    Default Re: Bilshot - How Do You Like Me Now?

    dope track...I have to say as an american alot of people i know say they cant understand UK and British rappers but even with your accent its very easy to understand what your saying...Good song With a good point they only thing which may just be me is that the hook seemed a lil loud but besides that great ish

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    Default Re: Bilshot - How Do You Like Me Now?

    Cheers 4 the feed bruv, and yeah, I noticed after uploading and listening through soundcloud that the volume level on the hook is too high for the verses. Not sure if there's any point changing and re uploading though cuz I'll have to re-make thread and cba right now, just finished work lol -peace


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    Default Re: Bilshot - How Do You Like Me Now?

    Nice beat
    Loved the cadence on the flow
    not thebest mix of the vocals loud at point seem chipping

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    Default Re: Bilshot - How Do You Like Me Now?

    Pretty good track you got here.. Needs a little work though. But overall pretty good.

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    Default Re: Bilshot - How Do You Like Me Now?

    The haters will really hate this one lol... You killed it homie!

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