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Thread: Bilshot ft Tricky Trapster - Broken Bones

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    Default Bilshot ft Tricky Trapster - Broken Bones

    Underground rap track about breaking bones of your opponents. Produced and mixed by Bilshot. Written and performed by Bilshot featuring Tricky Trapster. Enjoy. Peace

    I'm getting quite into mixing tracks these days, it's something I'm going to continue, producing beats and mixing acapellas is my new stage in music, please let me know what you think of the overall mix!

    Feedback much appreciated!

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    Default Re: Bilshot ft Tricky Trapster - Broken Bones

    Nice man, verse choreography sounds like something Cunninlynguists would do. Beat is alright, not bad but the keys need to be mixed in better. Other than that, nice track bro!

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    Default Re: Bilshot ft Tricky Trapster - Broken Bones

    The beat was different... I felt like you and your friend Tricky's flows could've been a little smoother when you traded bars at the beginning though.. The hook was the highlight of the track too. Almost reminded me of slim shady back in the day, which is always cool.. It's always good to hear overseas hiphop though. Look forward to hearing more from you in the future. I give the track a 7/10. keep pushing homie!

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    Default Re: Bilshot ft Tricky Trapster - Broken Bones

    I don't really dig the beat,but the lyrics and the flo are kickin ass,thigt rhymes real underground vibe,looking forward to hear some more....Dope track!!!Best of luck Guys!!!

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    Default Re: Bilshot ft Tricky Trapster - Broken Bones

    I agree with deviouz about the keys. They take away attention from what is being said in the chorus. Other than that, this pretty awesome. Different from a lot of other hip hop tracks I hear, which is good.

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    Default Re: Bilshot ft Tricky Trapster - Broken Bones

    dope shit man.. i like it :D
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