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Thread: Big Que Ft A. Woods & Youngkidd- Never Fallin

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    Default Re: Big Que Ft A. Woods & Youngkidd- Never Fallin

    yeh if you are serious about gettin better, you will. just keep doin more songs.
    honestly i dont really criticize lyrics to much, just the flow. if shits not flowin right everthing will sound wack.

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    Default Re: Big Que Ft A. Woods & Youngkidd- Never Fallin

    Quote Originally Posted by Big Que View Post
    i dont mind seeing kidd out do me, actully, look at the mainstream, wayne out do everyone who he on the song with, T.I, and fuck alot of other people. i just look at it as ok this is what i need to fix and i get on it, i tried my best and well as yall said i failed but fuck song was nice
    song is pretty nice, like everyone said fist verse was a lil weak but it was still aight and waaaay better than T.I. or MR. I KISS GUYS A.K.A. lil Wayne they both bullshit. flows awas all good, 2nd verse was pretty funny nice punch lines, cept im broke and i starve like an etheopian . so i guess you cant fuck with me. nice track all around. anyway im out like wayne and babby when they in bed together
    "come sit, sip from my holey water/ fresh dripped, from the veins of the innocents ive had to slaughter/ imagine the voice of a daughter, begging for the life of a father/ decided ta let him live turned and shot her"
    back again

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    Default Re: Big Que Ft A. Woods & Youngkidd- Never Fallin

    nice vibe
    I throw bullets at yo keep this/Lately i been killing these pussy's and i dont usually eat fish..

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