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Thread: Astyles - TRs Collab Verse (rough)

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    Default Astyles - TRs Collab Verse (rough)

    Did this quick to get a rough draft going so i can practice a lil more. Gonna take this one to the studio for a better take. But i hope ya dig what it is so far. Some of the doubles came off a bit but because of my weak cpu.

    produced. by Sickness Beatz


    Neil Gatrick Harris, like Chris I Mastered/
    Fire rapid, a macho man like randy savage//
    Astylesmania run wild to crush your cranium/
    Leg drop your chest in like colliding with titanium//
    Never fake hits, you dealing with the real mccoy/
    Getting my flair on, i'm the nature boy (WOOO!!!)//
    No dudley boy, i'll smack you in 3D/
    Straight to the head like a DDT, ballin like MVP//
    Frog Splash worth 5 stars like RVD/
    I'm too ill, catching fevers over sickness beats//
    The beast of the game, check ya faqs, you a leech/
    I eat heat, so step up to get ya fire theifed//
    So ding ding ding, step in the scene/
    It's the return of the king, cuz Astyles is a lord of the rings//
    Feel the force, like Issac Newton's gravity law/
    It's a man's world, how you think hilary lost//
    It's history, TRS dominates the industry/
    You just a clone of new york trapped in liberty city//
    Got Females in the cut, give em wide loads like a truck/
    Smacking these hoes in they butt//
    What what in the butt? Pipe game so tough/
    Earned the name cheerios for giving the honey's nut//
    Fire lazers, burn you in half with lightsabers/
    You obi wan i'm darth varder, see ya later!
    The BeatBox
    Learning Tree Ink

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    Default Re: Astyles - TRs Collab Verse (rough)

    nice beat.the flow is good.this my type of shit. 8/10 keep it up.that sound like a barney miller sample in the back.

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