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Thread: Astyles - Cloverfield (Prod. By. StewRat)

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    Default Astyles - Cloverfield (Prod. By. StewRat)

    I did this around the time the movie came out. My boy sent me this beat and i was just stunned because i didn't know what to say and i just went with the concept a bit but the lyrics are what amaze me the most. I like the fact i didn't say one curse, and still kept it hip hop. Any feeds on this please post up. I had fun with this track alot tho, i hope u'll enjoy it also

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    Default Re: Astyles - Cloverfield (Prod. By. StewRat)

    Honestly, its crazy to me...but i actually like this......i love the beat ....its slow...mellow...real cool joint...Astyles, I think your doing too much on it...but still....the shit is iight...i honestly didnt think this was gonna be as good as it was....but the vibe of the song kept me listening.........i give this a 6/10........

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    Default Re: Astyles - Cloverfield (Prod. By. StewRat)

    The more the beat plays the more I get into it. The rapping isn't bad. It needs to be mixed better because I can hear this sounding really hype and powerful...I think it should sound like that.

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    Default Re: Astyles - Cloverfield (Prod. By. StewRat)

    yeah i hear what A woods is hearing. I hear your vocals should stand out a lil more with more power behind it maybe a lil reverb behind some of your doubles and your adlibs

    im not really feeling this break down it sounds weird and takes away from the vibe of the beat. That break down was odd but you road it good your flow is good and you go deep lyrically each time hearing a party type track from you would be of interest to me just to hear other styles from you

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    Default Re: Astyles - Cloverfield (Prod. By. StewRat)

    i'm feelin' the track. 7.7/10. aye, we should collab my dude.
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