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Thread: All We Need - Tash8 (Produced By Tash8)

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    Default All We Need - Tash8 (Produced By Tash8)


    A new song I just made, it's like my 3rd or 4th song I've ever made. I had written the lyrics before I made the beat so that was kinda hard to make it work but whatever.


    Yo, all I need is some light, one pad, one pen
    one mind to start the tale of some men
    only had they won then, more breath and no death
    one god to show he can help them

    it's a new day, a few men working hard
    in a cruel way, so they child won't starve
    don't scar they lives, and they one heart

    one day, Ray's awakened from his child's cries
    slowely walks to his bed and sees his child's eyes
    turning red and glows when he saw him blink
    so he rushes him to the faucet sink,
    but the water won't flow, nothing for the eyes to rinse
    minutes later his whole body starts to flinch

    Yo, all We need is hope..
    All We need is hope.. [some hope]
    All We need is hope.. [some hope]
    All We need is hope.. [some hope]


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    Default Re: All We Need - Tash8 (Produced By Tash8)

    main problem most parts are severely off beat wen u rappin

    the beat is cool u shud speed up the tempo

    thats all i can give u i cant say anything bout ya lyrics but u can work on them
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    Default Re: All We Need - Tash8 (Produced By Tash8)

    thanks, and yea it was real hard makinga beat to those lyrics, dunno.. but it's last time i record lyrics that weren't for a beat

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    Default Re: All We Need - Tash8 (Produced By Tash8)

    The lyrics are cool. The beat is okay. The flow is terribly off. You have to sound more confident over the track for one. Sound more a live, you kind of sound like a zombie rapping. And I agree that if the beat was sped up it might sound better.

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    you have to bring some power in ur rapping , beat is good and so are the lyrics


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