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Thread: WordPlay|What does it mean to you?

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    Default WordPlay|What does it mean to you?

    Topic state it all.. What is your definition of WordPlay?

    I think it the way Tech Nine, and Eminem uses this.... Basically, Double Meaning of a word with added junk to it like metaphor and similies? i've been trying to find a correct definition and use of this for some time. and i think Tech Nick Sickology track says what it is best at.

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    Default Re: WordPlay|What does it mean to you?

    Wordplay is a term in writing using similes metaphores double entrendres and whatever to add meanings to the lyrics.

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    Default Re: WordPlay|What does it mean to you?

    an example would be "im so CHI ud think i was bashful"- kanye west
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    Default Re: WordPlay|What does it mean to you?

    I like tha ways y'all explained it. Well without a dictionary to me wordplay is tha way an artist takes words and uses them in a way that havent been done or in a unique. Tech n9ne on B-boy he raps almost all his words starting with the letter B and still makes it rhyme! lol
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    Default Re: WordPlay|What does it mean to you?

    Word Play Is Doing something with your Creative pronunciation along with Quip metaphors like the way Andre 3000 does on almost every song......I love hearing a new artist that has twisted words in a crazy way......2 chainz is actually another who does wierd word pronunciation....I like that.


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