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    Hi there, I am just about to purchase Pioneer CDJ 800 MK2 x2 and a Pioneer DJM 600 mixer. My question is this.

    Is there any way I can record my tracks without having to purchase a laptop and some program to record?

    Sorry, I'm very much a newby on the DJ Scene, I'm much more knowlegable about Guitar audio...

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    the only other way i know is to get that multi track recording console. i forget what its called. the laptop and the recording program is easier tho.

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    I'm not positive about that... im sure its possible but will require purchasing some sort of expensive recording device.

    you could always pop a casette in tha stereo your usin' and record it ol skooooo homez.

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    get a multi track

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    You can record without a laptop but you would need a multi track recorder which cost a couple thousand dollars for a decent one. But recording on a laptop/computer is way easier


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