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Thread: Mixing Vocals to Beat

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    Default Mixing Vocals to Beat

    ok so how do i mix my vocals. i know i need reverb, compression and i need to EQ it more or less. what else is usually used in mixing vocals? i laid down some stuff over a beat and before mixing the beat i wanna mix the vocals first because i heard its better to mix around ur vocals.

    also i was wondering, do i need to keep a little bit of bass in my vocals or should i cut it off completely? when i listen to most songs i dont notice any bass in the voice really, sometimes rick ross sounds like he kept the bass in his recording but when i played my song in the car the voice jus sounded to deep and heavy, even after doing a little EQ'ing, but i also had the bass up a little - not even halfway, when i put on the reverb.

    any tips would be appreciated i wanna start posting some stuff up.

    btw im mixing via fruity loops 8. i record my tracks in acid and load em into FL. thanks

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    Default Re: Mixing Vocals to Beat

    first eq then compress but the settings wil vary depending on the dry recording volumes and the quality of the sound before you mix. use a light reverb less than 35 percent wetness... personally i use a stereo expander to get a wider sound and unless you use a vocal booth use a noise gate.
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