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Thread: Help Increase Quality & Mixing

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    Default Help Increase Quality & Mixing

    Give Me Some Pointer how to increase my quality and mixing i use Cool Edit to record and mix my songs

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    I dont usually use cool edit but when u are mixing your songs u neeed every sound on its on mono track. When u have tracks such as instrumens in the beat you should double the tracks pan one left and pan one right and put a delay <30 ms on the track that you panned to the right. This is how you place sounds in the stereo field jus play around with that and get your ears trained to listen to the sounds and be able to determine the width of the sounds and you can change the width by how far you panned left and right and the amount of delay you put on the right track. Be sure to watch meters and make sure they are around the same levels and have equal pannin so i repeat watch your meters. What i just told you is for stereo sounds such as intruments, hooks, rhyme tracks, some effects, and sometimes addlibs.
    And now for the mono! Mono tracks are much easier and they are designed to sit up front in the mix so kick drums, snares, percussion, and main vocals such as verses should me in mono so that means there is no need to duplicate your tracks that you want in mono. I really didnt get into the signal processing aspect of mixing cuz that part is even more intricate but on vocals jus use about a 2-4;1 ratio a fast attack and around a .5 realease.
    And my secret to a great mix is a master bus compressor that i put on the master track but your settings can make or break you! But on my ssl master bus i do about a 2:1 ratio with an attack 0f 10 and a release around .6. To set my treshold i watch the meter until it dances to the beat back an foward to the kick drum and lettting it hit around zero between beats and about 4 on the beat.
    Well I hope you guys can find this info useful and i jus felt like I would help my ----- Khwame out the best i could so enjoy!

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    Default Re: Help Increase Quality & Mixing

    try to use compressor and eq.
    first mess a round with presets and then play a round with the knobs until it sounds good.
    or read a book or something else in order to increase your knowledge this will help you. If u understand what your doing your half the way through

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    Default Re: Help Increase Quality & Mixing

    Kwhame first thing you need is a better mic.

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    Default Re: Help Increase Quality & Mixing

    redxii, that was informative man. Thanks alot, sure helped me out. And woods, U kill me Bruh...

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