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Thread: Condensor Mic Help Plz!!!

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    Default Condensor Mic Help Plz!!!

    Wuzz up everyone? i have trouble deciding on the quality of a microphone....i know all the info on these type of condensor mics...what would be a better choice...a CARDIOID???? or a OMNIDIRECTIONAL??? i need help please

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    It Depends on your recording enviroment .....I say you should go with a caridod microphone....since it only record whats in front and reject shyt from the sides and back....The omni directional picks up sounds in all directions....this can be good if you had a closet as a vocal booth....just lock yo self in and start to spitting ryhmes....

    Get a Caridod Condenser for starters....Thats what I Got....The At2020....


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    Default Re: Condensor Mic Help Plz!!!

    mine can record either lol

    i have this

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    always use a cardioid for recording vocals, this helps to keep outside noise from bleeding into the mic while you're recording. I've had a few and they sounded pretty good.
    I started off with the Audio Technica AT3035, for under $200 this is a good choice.
    Now I use a R0de NTK, which I like as well. It costs twice as much, but it all depends on what you want to spend.

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    Default Re: Condensor Mic Help Plz!!!

    i use a cardioid (AT2020).....and i like it....................

    but i've only had one condensor....................

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    cardoid but really dude i dunno u can shape anything u want with compresors and gate's not to mention various computer programs.. the ? u should be asking is what kind of mic u should get, what kinda preamp u should get and what kind of mixer u should get.. i have a Groove tube (mic), Focusrite (Pre-amp), Motu and a yamaha mixer.. and im still trying to shape a good sound.. so really what im trying to say the mic dosent matter as much as the stuff ur voice is gunna filter through.. cuz i can plug the stage mic to mine and run it through all the crap i have and get similar sounds compared to my condensor, i run into problems with the eq's and stuff. im good with the hardware. not so good with the software.. look into it peace..

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    I use a samson co1u condenser mic in the studio. it works great and its perfect for someone thats on a budget.
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    Default Re: Condensor Mic Help Plz!!!

    sid do u have any songs on u can post that i can hear u made with that mic??

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