Hey, check out my new song "Phonebook" Ft. DJ Makeabeat

MC Rapalicious- Phonebook ft. DJ Makeabeat - YouTube

These lyrics are not supposed to make sense. At all. The point is that nobody even listens to the lyrics anymore.
I'm just looking for opinions. What do you guys think?

Original lyrics:
I was walkin down the street
with the waffle house cherrys,
when i saw a noise that smelled really hairy,

i was like yo the pancake's in the oven,
and he was like yo, dogfood muffins
and i was all up in the plans to flow,
just like a walrus wearing pantyhose,

and then i dip back to the future on my moped,
im in the kitchen and the dish is wide open,
i was in the phonebook, for a bank robbery,
and then the pizza came in and showed me honesty,

the mouse was in the bottle,
and the couch was hard to swallow,
so i took of the roof, like a rubber duck model,

and i hopped in a football,
and flew to a big mac,
and then after that,
the flannel shirt cracked,

the zebras in the chicken wing graveyard,
and frank sinatra singing work hard play hard,
i was eating a picnic on a grilled cheese,
im the best rapper the whole scene feels me,

i was eatin up a shoe,
and i was hangin with a flu,
so i was like yoda if playstations were blue,

i was startin to rap,
and i watched it for cash,
but then i, realised the baby only wanted the cash,

so i dipped out quick,
put on some mascara,
now im in a click,
like a burger king flare up,

i got robbed by a glob,
i think his name was terrence,
i could see up in the slob,
the dog was transparent,

reading the sound was a half jamaicain mannequin,
i was disguised as the ground, while he mezmorized the plan again,
I was hannah montana with the onion rings,
i was trying to remember the songs he sings,

i stood up,
got up on my head,
i met the drive thru,
said i thought you were dead,

she replied with the voice of the bar sign,
i saw a walk with a car in a long time,
all i know, is my lyrics are dope,
and ask the clouds, theyll tell you how i can flow